Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Balance Convention

On the weekend of Jan 26-29,2012, our very own, Rebekah Hennes, registered dietician, and founder, and teacher of PoleMoves, will be presenting at the Las Vegas Balance Convention, at Planet Hollywood.

"Hosted by ECA World Fitness and Mad Dogg Athletics, Las Vegas Balance brings together the worlds top presenters and programs for the area's most innovative, inspiring and educational fitness convention. With its comprehensive lineup of world-class sessions, this event will challenge and inspire you like never before. "

Rebekah will be presenting multiple times over the weekend, leading attendees in PoleMoves workout classes, as well as lecturing on Intuitive Eating.

Here are the descriptions of her two presentations:
"Pole Fitness classes are becoming a popular form of exercise, but they have not yet permeated the health club scene. Experience the fluid movement, spins and holds that create a PoleMoves class. Explore a fun new way for your students to increase their strength flexibility and endurance.

"Intuitive Eating- Diets are plentiful and most people want a quick fix, so they buy into the belief that losing weight and keeping it off is possible through dieting. The fact of the matter is, 95% of diets fail. In this session you will learn some of the habits that your clients may have which keep their bodies at a higher weight than is natural. When they recognize and change this simple ways of relating to food, the weight comes off without dieting and maintenance is simple."

Good luck to Rebekah! Stay posted to our blog, facebook page, and twitter for our updates during and after the convention.

And for more information on the conference check out the link below


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