Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pole Competitions

American Pole Fitness Championship 2011

I just finished judging for the elite division of the American Pole Fitness Championship. I was lucky enough to be a judge with some phenomenal women; Jenyne Butterfly, Stephanie Babines, Judy Jovanelly,  Caterina Gennaro, Emily Kreusler, Michelle Marton, and Valerie Rush.

You can see their bios at the following link:

The American Pole Fitness Association selected eighteen women and seven men from over eighty applicants. Our job was to judge the group of women on their artistry, athleticism, and presentation.

The Elite Division Finalists can be seen at:

I thought that all of the contestants were fabulous in their own way. Since I have a background as a judge in dance and gymnastics, it was important to me that the contestants paid attention to their music and didn't just add music as an afterthought. I was also interested less in "stripper" moves and paid more attention to the dance/fitness routines. I loved it when the contestant actually looked at the camera/audience and choreographed moves between the poles.

All in all, it is exciting to watch pole competitions become more accepted.

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