Monday, July 25, 2011

Pole Conventions and Expos

There have only been two pole conventions in the United States. One in the New York/D.C.  area in 2010 and one in Florida in 2011. Next year the Pole Convention is going to be held in Los Angeles; it is very exciting! If you would like to present a workshop, please do! Contact and let her know that you are interested. Their website is:

I presented in 2011 on sports nutrition and maintaining a healthy body weight using intuitive eating. Everyone was really wonderful, but what I loved most was all of the women of various sizes, who could do amazing moves, running around in their pole shorts and feeling comfortable in their bodies! Every woman deserves that.

There is also a Pole Expo that will put on in September 2012 in Las Vegas. Fawnia Dietrich and Jenyne Butterfly are heading that project, you can visit their website at: It will be interesting to see how the Las Vegas expo differs from the Las Angeles convention.

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