Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pole Dance for Fitness

Pole Dance For Fitness
Over the past several years pole fitness, or pole dancing for fitness, has gained much attention as well as respect among fitness industry professionals. What was once regarded as a risqué exercise trend is now regarded around the world as both a sport as well as a form of art. Pole dancing requires tremendous amounts of physical strength and technical abilities as well as balance and elegance of movement. What better way to help spread the art of pole fitness than by obtaining a PoleMoves teacher certificate and utilizing that knowledge in your community? PoleMoves offers pole fitness teacher trainings around the United States that provide the information you need in order to teach pole fitness classes in a mainstream fitness setting. Certification through PoleMoves is an integral tool in becoming a pole dance fitness instructor.

What is PoleMoves?
PoleMoves is an avid supporter and advocate for the pole fitness community, and its teacher training courses are recognized by the Pole Fitness Association (PFA) as well as the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). The mission of PoleMoves is to promote the legitimization of pole classes in the arena of mainstream fitness through offering teacher-training workshops around the United States. Our PoleMoves teaching certificate program is approved by the Pole Fitness Association and our curriculum adheres to their standardized terminology. Completing a PoleMoves teacher workshop also counts as continuing education credits for both ACE and AFAA, so they are beneficial to any fitness professional.

PoleMoves Pole Fitness Teacher Training
PoleMoves teacher training is a dynamic pole fitness certification workshop that supplies copious amounts of invaluable information, presented in a fun and manageable manner. These workshops are provided across the United States several times a year. There are many benefits to going through PoleMoves teacher training and certification process. First and foremost, this course will give you the tools you need to create exciting, effective, and safe pole fitness classes. This means that you will learn all about pole fitness, teaching techniques, as well as stimulating choreography. The training course also includes a manual, so you can continue to reinforce what you learned in the certification workshop. After obtaining a PoleMoves teacher certificate, you will also be eligible for discounts on liability insurance and other things that you will need in building your pole fitness classes.

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